Whatever you have in your mind - forget it;

Whatever you have in your hand - give it;

Whatever is to be your fate - face it!

Abu Sa'id

Dr. Lynn (Bud) Greenlee, Jr, Ph.D.
May, 30, 1959-April 12, 1993
Born Walla Walla, Washington—Died Flagstaff, Arizona

Dr. Mark Cohen, Ph.D.
November, 4, 1951- December 5, 2005
Born Glasgow, Scotland—Died Safed, Israel

Earl and I have been blessed in this life to have known and had our lives impacted by many significant people, or you might say embodied souls. In particular, two men came into our life for a rather brief time and traveled onward into the great beyond at what might seem an untimely point. Both of these men have affected us deeply enhancing, triggering, and guiding us into knowledge and awareness unexpected prior to meeting and knowing them as beloved colleagues and dear friends. And, the greatest beauty perhaps of all is the sense we continue to remain in communication with them both. First, Earl and I wish to use this means to thank both Bud and Mark for simply being who they are and were and honoring us with their presence. And, finally, we now wish for you to know them vis-a-vis describing them to you in the hopes that you, also, will be able to feel their energy and find this beneficial in whatever way. While we miss Bud and Mark greatly in the physical, their soul continuity with us is palpable.

Dr. Bud Greenlee, Licensed Psychologist came into Linda’s life in 1987 joining forces as colleagues in private practice. Physically Bud was a tall, lanky blonde-haired well put-together fellow. A commitment to high level education was obvious as Bud’s doctoral internship site was the highly respected Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California. And many would agree with the terms honest, ethical, hard-working, high integrity, and articulate as providing a clear personality description. Bud’s solid training included a theological and psychoanalytic framework. On a lighter note, Bud’s strivings were to both provide for his family and to enjoy life’s finer pleasures of good food, wine, music and boating.

Dr. Mark Cohen, Philosopher, Kabbalist, Regression Therapist, Author, and Teacher first met Linda as she served as co-teacher with Dr. Michael Newton, the developer of the method utilized for Life Between Lives Regression. Having co-founded the International Between Lives Regression Network with Dr. Linda Backman Mark realized his dream of bringing Soul Regression Therapy to a broader audience. Mark demonstrated natural skill utilizing the therapeutic tool of hypnotherapy and intuition as he guided individuals to access the soul level in order to gain a more profound understanding of one’s Higher Self. With a doctoral degree from London University focusing on psychotherapy and Kabbalah (one of the world’s mystery schools) and training in Yeshiva in both London and Jerusalem, Mark’s depth and integrity were beyond measure. In The Shadow of The Ladder is a translation of the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag, a highly respected contemporary Kabbalist, written by Mark and his wife, Yedidah. Additional words which accurately describe Mark include articulate, sweet, joyful, and “always taking the high road.”



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